The Mobile Learning Blog maintains an active presence as a mobile site, using the Winksite service – see this page for more information. Other means of accessing this blog’s content from mobile devices are as follows:

Live Feed

If you don’t want all the functionality offered by Winksite, you can simply get these posts delivered live, right to your mobile browser. Just point your mobile browser to:, (or alternatively,, or use the QR-Code on the right.
You could also use a third-party client like Add to Plusmo to subscribe to a number of RSS feeds of your choice, using your mobile device.

PDF E-book

Alternatively, you can take away the latest posts from the Mobile Learning Blog, as a PDF file that will automatically adapt to be readable on any device with the Adobe Reader installed. Just download this file:


The file is readable on desktop PCs, PDAs, and many mobile phones, without requiring a mobile internet connection.


You can also download each blog post as a podcast, created by Talkr and syndicated by Feedburner here:

That URL includes an RSS-subscribable podcast, as well as a browser-readable version. The original Talkr Podcast feed (XML/RSS) is here:

Link to Podcast (RSS feed) for this blog

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12 09 2006
Mobile Learning » RSS Tools at XFruits

[…] Mobile […]

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