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9 responses

15 01 2007

there is no link to subscribe above doesnyt exist

19 06 2007
abdolhamid pahlozadeh

I am an iranina math teacher ,also a researcher on m-learning and x-learning too .
Your blog is great at above subjects ,
If you want to share our articles and other findigs , I’m ready ,

Good luck
My yahoo Id : ict_buedu

16 09 2007
David Harper, Founder, Winksite

Hi Leonard,

I’ve followed your blog for a while now and appreciate the time you have taken to understand what Winksite offers. Perhaps we can start a dialog as to how our platform can better support mobile learning efforts from your perspective as well as those of your colleagues.

17 10 2008
Nicola Avery

Hi, just wondered what you were up to, hope all ok with you – I met a few fab Australians last week @ Mlearn,

I’m still trying a million mobile schemes none of which seem to be progressing that quickly 🙂

Best wishes
Nicola Avery

10 01 2009

Dear admin…
I am from Indonesia. Iwant to ask you…help me please…I want to make my students all in my school can use mobile learning but I do not know how to make its program…This is also I want to write it in my thesis in Dan Nuswantoro University. That is why I write this letter for you as my main palce for consultation to make my research… Thank you very much

18 05 2009
Megan Iemma

Dear Leonard,
Looks like you are doing some great stuff with mobile learning. (Would love to follow you on twitter again…mine is megsamanda (could not remember password for old one).
Hope you are well.
(M-Learn Melbourne)

6 06 2009
Randy Harris

Hello. There is a teacher controlled cell phone management system used for K12 student phones (used for SMS wireless test administration) that uses a GSM modem that connects to the cellular network in your area. Hope it helps this discussion.

14 10 2009

im sana from saudi arabia
i really appreciat ur efforts
I study master and im doing a research about m learning
Here in Saudia Arabia, I cant get full text researches about this
also, some sites, are blocked
so >> can u help me please

23 11 2009

help me please
i have graduation project about mlearning
i donot know how to start

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