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About the Author

Mobile Learning is authored by Leonard Low, an E-Learning Designer at the University of Canberra’s Teaching and Learning Centre.

Previous Work

In his previous role as Educational Technology Strategist at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) Centre for Educational Excellence, Leonard was

  • A.C.T. Representative on the E-Standards Experts Group (EEG).
  • Lead Researcher for the EEG’s Standards for M-Learning project.
  • Involved with a number of Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF) projects including Flexways, Toolbox Champions, and as a consultant for the New Practices and Innovations national projects.
  • Community Representative on the Board of Directors for the Hindmarsh Education Centre (the education branch of the A.C.T.’s juvenile detention facility)
  • A regular contributor to AFLF’s National Networks Community, both as a Forum member and a Presenter, has written for The Knowledge Tree, and regularly conducts presentations and workshops on a variety of topics in flexible learning around Australia.

Leonard also previously worked as Quality Manager for Catalyst Interactive, a company specialising in commercial e-learning solutions, where he was also a member of the team that developed a comprehensive, interactive e-learning training package for the Department of Defence’s AIR-87 Project (the Eurocopter Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter). Leonard has a degree in Computer Science from the Australian National University, as well as qualifications in training and management.


Personal Interests

In his spare time, Leonard enjoys modern partner dancing, scuba diving, horse riding, kayaking, motorbikes, art, poetry, music, and drama.


7 responses

25 05 2007

Hey congrats Leonard on getting the mLearning message out there so well – its good to see a fellow Aussie practitioneer when the field is so US and Uk dominated. Keep it up, cheers, Jonathan Nalder – teacher in Caboolture, Queensland. http://www.mlearnxyz.net

15 06 2007

Hi Leonard,

I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite a while! I’m looking for innovative people who think along similarly innovative lines to you, but are based in Europe, for a Vodafone meeting on implementing m-learning for kids on how to use phones in a safe and ethical way. I wonder if you have any suggestions on who to invite?

Thanks and all the best,

26 01 2008
Dolly Bhasin

Hi Leonard,
A very enlightening blog. My compliments to win the coveted award.
I am trying to experiment with educational delivery through an approach of combining industry knowledge with learning for continuing education, in life long learning context. I am proposing a platform to enable learning through multiple sources in a convergent form, by ensuring that technology like mobile and rich media become an enabler to reach out to the target audience to create unique engaging and learning experience.
Just in Time, Just what is needed Learning.
Anytime, Anywhere learning!

Would like to connect and explore possibilities of sharing experiences. I am based in Delhi, India and an exploring alliances for R&D and applications on above.

29 07 2008
Alex Smith

Hi Leonard,
A researcher in the field of transliteracy directed me to your site. I’m trying to develop an awareness of the potential for mobile learning to aid literacy teaching and the spread of multi-language stories across Africa (where there is a dearth of books, particularly books in childrens’ home languages).To do this I wrote a Mobile Literacy for Africa Manifesto for a South African literary group:http://alexsmith.book.co.za/blog/2008/07/19/mobile-literacy-for-africa-manifesto-%e2%80%93-start-the-revolution-today-towards-making-africa-a-superpower/
I would really like to start a mobile literacy learning project (there is a particular village in Uganda that I have connections with), but I’m uncertain about how best to go about it. I thought perhaps you might be able to give me some suggestions.
Very best regards,

11 03 2010
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[…] another perspective, Leonard Low says “Where I see QR Codes becoming obsolete is through the rapidly improving processing […]

30 10 2012

Hi Leonard
first i would like to congratulate you on your achievements. its really nice to have people like you in the world because you are a source of encouragement to people like me. I am a student at the Voronezh Institute Of High Technology in Russia… am in my final year in Computer science. i am supposed to chose my final year’s project and am so much interested in the M-Learning section (my interest is on the Networking and telecommunication) how would u advice me… i will really be grateful. Thanks. 🙂

30 10 2012


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