Recording first-person videos with "spy" glasses

15 01 2008

Early last year, Sue Waters of the Mobile Technology in TAFE podcast posted her video about the use of “spy glasses” (glasses or sunglasses with a built-in video camera), and how these can be used for recording first-person video footage for gathering assessment evidence or creating demonstration video clips.

While the cost of one of the units featured in Sue’s demo runs into the hundreds of dollars (and wireless units cost thousands), I’ve just come across a video tutorial on how to make a set of video-recording glasses for just A$50 or so – and they’ll do this kind of work just as well as Sue’s gear. 🙂

Looking at the components available on eBay, it would also appear to be possible to make a wireless version for a little extra, for situations where unsecured wires could pose a workplace hazard. If you have a particular need for capturing portable, mobile, first-person video for an educational activity or resource, this tutorial could save you thousands of dollars and/or allow many more of your students to participate than would otherwise be possible.

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Original page:





2 responses

16 01 2008
Peter Miller

Might also be of use to people with Alzheimers.

16 01 2008

Heheh – it’s a kitty and it’s wearing sunglasses 🙂

But really – very nifty. Thx

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