QR Codes in the Aussie Media

26 11 2007

The mainstream media is just starting to get hold of Telstra Australia’s plans for the use of QR Codes to provide links to mobile web content from printed and screen-based media.

According to this article from The Age, the primary driver behind this particular trial is Australian marketing company QMCODES, who hold the exclusive Australian license to the I-nigma reader – the most widely used QR Code reader application used In Japan, where QR Codes are already almost universally used already.


While the write-up focusses on the commercial marketing and advertising potential of QR Codes, it also hints at the social applications of QR Codes to “link” with users’ MySpace or Facebook pages. However, unfortunately, it looks like neither QMCODES nor Telstra have yet realised the enormous potential of QR Codes in education – to link students with mobile-web resources and activities that relate to their physical location or current physical context.

Hmm. I think I’ll try to get in touch with both organisations to see if they’d like to work in partnership with educational technologists to develop solutions for education and training…

UPDATE (14 Dec 2007): I’ve been contacted by Telstra, who’ve clarified that they are aware of the educational potential of QR Codes, but they do not have a partnership with QMCODES. It’s gratifying to know that there are a number of organisations in Australia working on innovating with 2D barcode technology!

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4 responses

26 11 2007

Hi Leonard,
Get in touch with Anthony.

26 11 2007

Anthony from QM Codes

27 11 2007

Hi Leonard

Another company you may want to try is Memco Solutions Pty Ltd, also an Aus company. I know they are extremely professional, but have struggled to find a visionary partner who could help fund them beyond their current stage – something i-Nigma have succeeded with in Telstra.

Memco has everything in place i-nigma claim to have, plus a powerful patent that i-Nigma lack (which makes i-Nigma and Telstra’s situation somewhat precarious…).

I know their CEO and can put you in contact if of interest?


27 11 2007


We certainly do realise the potential for QR Codes in education and have several strong case studies coming out of Japan that support the argument. In fact I recently had some brief discussions with a member of the education system who informed me that they were preparing to undertake some action research next year and had recently applied for grants to facilitate this.

Feel free to give me a call directly on +61433552424 to share your ideas and see if there is anywhere we can help.


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