Edublog Awards 2007

1 11 2007

The 4th Annual Edublog Awards are now open for nominations. I’ve already nominated Sue Waters’ blog for Best New Blog; and I’ll add more nominations as I reflect on my favourite bloggers this year!

Sue Waters started her edublog on innovative teaching in April, and quickly became one of Australia’s favourite edubloggers.

It already ranks as the most-visited site on the domain (according to, responsible for 5% of traffic – a remarkable achievement, considering there are over 100,000 blogs on the site.

Sue combines a passion for sharing new ideas with a sense of fun that engages her readers. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she often takes a pro-active approach to get her peers to start using new online tools such as Twitter, or to improve their skills and effectiveness online, such as through her “31-day Blogging Challenge“.

Sue is not just a terrific achiever herself, but someone who helps other edubloggers achieve their best. To me, Sue’s active encouragement and support of others is what separates her from the pack, and the reason I’m nominating her for Best New Blog, 2007.

Good luck, Sue!

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2 responses

1 11 2007

Wow Leonard — what can I say. Thanks!

You know my goal was never to be the best or be a fantastic blogger – just to help others. Which ultimately meant I had to improve my blogging because otherwise why would people take the time to read what I had written. That is what keeps me going – the knowledge that each post makes a difference and does make people stop and think about how they could be using technology.

10 11 2007
Judy O'Connell

This is great! Who could resist voting for Sue – she works non-stop to help us all….I don’t think she ever goes to bed. 🙂

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