QR-Coded E-Learning Conference Guide!

31 10 2007

Simply brilliant. Brent Schlenker at the Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development blog has created his pocket version of the E-Learning Guild DevLearn conference guide, incorporating QR Code links. This innovation enables participants to check conference information on their mobile devices, schedule their personalised programs electronically, and annotate each session with brief notes.

DevLearn2007 PocketGuide

The feedback on this simple system has been tremendous so far… Roger Fischer describes this as a “conference Killer App,” and I’m inclined to agree. If this concept was developed further – for example, to enable the attachment of media and longer notes to various conference sessions, and then, to be shared – I think it could become a conference m-learning system people would pay good money for. Which is good timing, since Nokia is willing to pay for great mobile technology business ideas at the moment, with their Mobile Rules competition (get your entry in soon).

Ahem… Handheld Learning 2008? M-Learn 2008? Are you listening???!!! 🙂

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3 responses

31 10 2007
Graham Brown-Martin

Yes, listening 🙂

Very cool and certainly something we’d consider for Handheld Learning 2008 although we already have a few interesting surprises for next year in our collaboration with mLearn.

This year twittering proved popular. We also had an SMS service running for Q+A sessions but this didn’t prove as popular amongst delegates as we thought it might which seems somewhat ironic at a conference focused on learning using mobile technologies.

I’m not sure that the QR-coded mini-guide described here would replace our main conference guide (although it would be certainly cheaper to produce!) as our guide has become a bit of a collectors item which delegates like to refer to after the conference. Printing the PDF or reading from screen just doesn’t seem to be the same for many delegates.

Thanks for the heads-up!


1 11 2007
Brent Schlenker

Hi Leonard! Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement. I love the idea of simple tools doing powerful things and this QR code stuff fits that perfectly.
The funny thing is that I can’t find any encoder/reader software for the Mac/iPhone and so I haven’t even tested it yet.
I think it would be cool to have QR codes outside each room for concurrent sessions then you could walk by and “scan” it and get more info about the presenter and topic than what can fit in the conference guide. I agree that the print copies are good to have but the QR codes make it REALLY easy to get people from the handout to the digital world as well.
Lots of killer ideas in this space. As soon as I find a Mac/iPhone app to handle development for this I’m going to get t-shirts and hats printed with all my info in the QR code so I don’t have to handout business cards…you can just take a picture and get a text message all in one shot. No pun intended 🙂

31 10 2008
David Miller

Brent is a work horse! I love the idea of the QR code and see that Moo.com has an online app for printing QR code stickers.


I confess that I have not looked into them, but now that I have a Blackberry I certainly should.

Thanks Brent for all the amazing work you do at the Guild on our behalf.

And thank you Leonard for this post.

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