Ideas that Spread, Win

30 10 2007

Another gem from the TED conference: Seth Godin explains why some innovations succeed… and some fail (even (initially) sliced bread… which is now the benchmark for great ideas, as in “the greatest thing since sliced bread”).

YouTube link:

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Seth uses the word “remarkable” to describe ideas that work: simply put, things that are “remarkable” are things worth remarking about; and these are ideas that spread!

While Seth’s talk has its basis in marketing, there are significant lessons in here for educational innovators about how to spread ideas. For example:

  • The “otaku” principle: sell to the people who are listening; they will tell their friends.
  • Safe is Risky: “safe” ideas are boring. The *real* safest thing to do right now is to be at the fringes!

Check it out!

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