Using Mobile Phones for Voice-based Assessment

23 10 2007

In this video, recorded at mLearn 2007, Gavin Cooney, CEO of, provides a personal demonstration of an application that allows a learner to call in, authenticate themselves, and then verbally respond to various questions. The responses are stored for marking and can be retrieved and even podcast.

YouTube link:

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It’s a simple and terrific idea. Learners can call in using any kind of phone – no need to use a top-end mobile phone like Gavin’s iPhone seen in this demo, even a landline or Skype phone can be used – and using an application like this can make the process of assessing students more flexible and efficient: students can be assessed whenever is convenient, and the work can be marked later whenever convenient for the teacher.

Gavin’s company is already using this technology to support Irish language learners, and in this video he also discusses the wider applications of this simple, effective and accessible mobile learning approach.




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25 10 2007

Imagine this for wrokplace assessment! Or assessing someone who’s just climbed to the top of mt Kozzie :o) – what is the wind speed at the summit? the air temp? describe the alpine plant life describing some examples (even snap some pics as well)…etc…there’s still an element of control, but it’s being balanced with the students’ otpions for engaging, depending on their situation/context/time/space/motives at any given time!

Love it – let’s DO it!

25 10 2007
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25 10 2007

Len, check out this project for architecture students too – v. promising!

25 10 2007
Leonard Low

Simply brilliant ideas Marg! You always manage to think of a new way to use these tools… 🙂

You’re right – the tool could be used for LEARNING as well as assessment if the *right* questions were asked and properly structured! Love it.

25 10 2007
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