Towards mLearn/Handheld Learning 2008

21 10 2007

In the wake of last week’s mLearn conference in Melbourne, Australia, and the previous week’s Handheld Learning conference in London, Bob Harrison at Futurelab has posted a timely article with some history of the mLearn conference (first organised in 2002), a review of Handheld 2007, and a reflection of the journey towards Handheld Learning 2008, which, next year, will be held back-to-back with mLearn 2008 (seperated only by a single weekend) to create the world’s the largest and longest focus on mobile learning, ever. Fantastic!

Bob’s reflections have also been posted on the same day as the UK’s MoLeNet grant recipients have been announced, with fifteen large projects, each with a value in excess of £130,000 (A$300,000), and sixteen smaller projects. When mLearn and Handheld Learning 2008 are held net year in the UK, over 30 million Euro will have been spent on developing mobile learning across Europe, with the lion’s share of that spent in the UK.

Here in Australia, we are fortunate indeed to have access to much of the research and many of the case studies of m-learning practice from the UK; but we’ll also need to develop our local expertise in the implementation of m-learning approaches if we are to continue to demonstrate leadership in the use of mobile learning on a global stage.

Let’s hope that the re-framed 2008 Australian Flexible Learning Framework will appropriately recognise the importance of mobile learning as a key strategy in flexible learning delivery as it is put into action next year!




One response

21 10 2007
Toni Twiss

Hi there

I have been (enviously) reading your reflections on mlearn which I wasn’t able to make it to this year. Thanks for your summaries and ideas.

I find it so exciting to see how much respect moblie learning is gaining in the education world (even thought right now it seems to only be within very small circles) as shown by the amount of money being invested into research in this area.

Over here in NZ, I have been granted an e-fellowship for 2008. This releases me from my teaching duties for the year in which time I will be researching the potential for mlearning.

I look forward to attending handheldlearning08 and mlearn08!

Toni Twiss

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