Dr Norbert Pachler – Thinking about the M in M-Learning

18 10 2007

Advisory: more conceptual and theoretical than most other presentations. 🙂

=Contemporary environments of learning=
In new social model of learning, learners become consumers? [I would have thought learners are becoming creators?]

=Affordances, characeristics and potential=
-Technologies as ideological tools which embody social values? NOT neutral?
-Growth in social networking capability, shift from broadcast to content generation, a decentralisation of resource provision.

=Socio-cultural impact=
-Digital devices are becoming a prosthesis for some users… What’s the impact on learning if the devices are taken away?
– Seeming fracturing of identities, membership of multiple user groups and attendant lack of shared cultural experiences. Subcultures and indovidualised social and cultural experiences.

What is learning?
– Proliferation of prefixes! Do they denote different kinds of learning? No – denote different a difference in condition and environment.
– Semiotic approach: a cloase connection between ‘meaning-making’ and ‘learning’. Learning is change – transformation of what is encountered as well as of the learner.
– Onus on the learner to make sense of information and transform it into (their) knowledge.
– Mobility in this sense: The individual is always ready to be a ‘learner’ and to turn the environment into a site for learning. Continually in a state of incompletion and moving towards completion; mobile not physically but conceptually/semiotically.




One response

23 10 2007

Thanks for these notes Leonard. I personally thought this was the best session at the conference. According to my notes Doc Pachler said that there is a shift away from the student as consumer, and the agency has moved from teacher to learner.

I was really intrigued too by his statement that ‘non-linearity’ is damaging the concept of narrative’ – a wealth of thinking could start with that view…….

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