Denise Bressler – Learning Informal Science with the Aid of Mobile Phones

18 10 2007

Science Centre contexts:

Anne Kahr-Hojland,

– Stimulate young peoples’ interest in science
-improve learning setting at the Experimentarium by prompting reflective processes

-BYO Mobile Phone
-Connect via WAP/GPRS
-Experimentatium calls user’s phone with a quiz
-‘Augmented Reality’ – the user takes the main part in a game which is determined by the physical setting they are in.
-Get a series of ‘character’ phone calls; user needs to make decisions: they can follow one character over another, There are cues to take physical action – e.g. go to different rooms, do different tasks or activities (exhibits).

Denise Bressler

Call a number to get more info on various animals; SMS to get a wallpaper of various animals; interactive exhibits using mobile phone/texted information.
-Extending the experience – getting people to think about what they’ve seen, even after they leave, e.g. people create an image, which gets sent to your phone.
-Camera Phone challenge: take pictures throughout the museum to satisfy the challenge. Once you’re in the database, there can also be a ‘weekly challenge’ to participate in.
-Informal science education is a natural fit for m-learning
-But very little m-learning research is happening at science centres
-Problems with telecommunications companies: data, cost, etc.
-Problems with varying handsets, more than telcos?




One response

19 10 2007
Robert Gadd

Hi Leonard,

Thanks for your continued great coverage from the Melbourne show. I was wondering if you had (or have access to) Denise Bressler’s email address. I caught the tail end of her presentation yesterday via Elluminate webcast but I didn’t get her email and I wanted to send her a few some questions I had after the conference ended. You didn’t list her email above (as you did with Anne Kahr-Hojland).

I was hoping to get to the conference this year but we sent two folks over from New Zealand instead to talk about CellCast and support Martin Brown from Omni-AP, our A-NZ partner.

Thanks in advance for your assistance here and for your overall coverage of the mLearn2007 conference.

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