Charlie Schick – The Mobile Lifestyle

18 10 2007

Manager, Nokia Multimedia, Finland (but speaking from personal opinion today, not Nokia’s)

– Mobile Lifestyle vs Mobile Computer
– Emerging Markets
– Fusion of Mobile and Internet

=Mobile Essentials=
Most personal technology is the phone: wallet, keys, phone always carried by people. Collects memories, messages, photos… part of our life, part of our lifestyle.

People use: Camera, alarm, calendar, media gallery, messaging.

Nokia research: 80% of calls made to just five people.

Not just about mobility, but about convenience – many people use their mobile even when a landline is available.

Mobiles penetrate where computers and internet do not. e.g. Brazil.

=Mobile Computing=
Two hands, two eyes, lean forward, flat surface, stationary, broadband, big screen…

=Mobile Lifestyle=
One handed, background, interruptive, individual, essential, ubiquitous, untethered, freedom, focussed

=Emerging Market=
-3 billion worldwide
-1 billion have no PC
-Global awareness
-iPods haven’t sold 100 million across their whole product line; just one model of Nokia, the (basic) 1100, has sold more than 100 million items… just that one model.
-smartphones are a tiny minority of all mobile phones owned/sold.

-Phone Ladies (human phone booths!)
-Micro Loans

=Mobile and internet fuse=
-THE social networking device
-Web on phone?
-Phone on web!

-Me and mine

-Every moment
-Every place
-Physical and digital
-‘Tribal hubbub’/flow: Can connect to REAL people to get information, rather than repositories of information, e.g. asking a question on Twitter or Facebook.




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18 10 2007

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