Fantasy League Edutech: a Mobile/Web-based Education Tool?

10 10 2007

I’m currently brushing up on my web programming and design skills in view of creating my very first web-based education site, for which I’ve already reserved a domain name and host… stay tuned. 🙂

I’d like the site to be designed and implemented (relatively) platform-independant: able to be used with ease from both desktop-based and mobile devices; and, to begin with, I’d like it to do just a few simple tasks, really well.  If that goes well, of course, there will be time for adding extra features later. 🙂

I have some grand plans of my own… but first I’m going to throw this out to you – my learning community – to see if anyone would like me to build into the site something that would help them with their teaching and learning practice. So:

If you could have one new tool to support online (and/or mobile) learning… what would it be?  And how would this improve the quality of (your) online/mobile teaching and/or learning?

Looking forward to hearing some of your ideas!!!!

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10 10 2007
Fantasy League Edutech: a Mobile/Web-based Education Tool?

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10 10 2007
Nicola Avery

Hi, I’m starting to experiment on a much smaller scale than this, I’m probably going to be looking at some carpentry/design stuff for Mustafa on my site.

Based on this, my wish tool for mLearning would be something to support being able to view the learning on the phone but not have to hold the phone whilst doing it. (Having handsfree doesn’t help if you need to move around whilst you are learning because even with bluetooth headset you still have to be able to look at the phone)

Don’t have a clue how or what but it would be nice !


11 10 2007
Jym Brittain

Winksite is a nice start…having both a mobile and web interface. It would be a shame to have to develop multiple course sites if students do not have mobile devices. However, Winksite’s lack of ability to incorporate multimedia or html tags (at least the last time I played with it) are real limitations. How about a voice annotation based asynchronous discussion board a la Gong, Chinswing or Wimba?

11 10 2007

something I have been searching for is a way to cross over between desktop and mobile device while learning a course without losing the exact point in the course where I left it.

So something that synchronises mobile device and desktop in the platform and takes over the pages or the tasks that I looked at and immediately starts me off at the exact page of the course I was following.

that would save time and make learning an easy cross over between any instrument.

12 10 2007
Alexander Hayes

Thats an easy one Leonard – a moblog !

I’m yet to see a scalable, stripped version of moblog that has integrated features for sending with ease image and short videos with geo-location tagging, social bookmark oriented tagging, multi-user authority and easily installed in both mobile and server sided installations. I’d also like the funky Ajax slide around feel and hey while you at it can you make it so that the template is dead easy to hack, ad-free and export at anytime compliant……something I could use immediately.

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