An Introduction to Moblogs in Education

3 09 2007

Here’s my introductory presentation for today’s National Networks Elluminate session on Moblogs (12:00 noon AEST).  If you’re not sure what a moblog is, or how they can be used to support and enhance learning, you can come and join the session here when I present it… otherwise, check out the slide show below. 🙂

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4 09 2007
Amber Koskela

Hi Leonard,

That was a very informative slide show. It is wonderful to see the possibilities for Moblogs in engaged learning. I also wanted to let you know that Elluminate offers free 3 user vRooms with no restrictions. They have all of the functionality of Elluminate Live, minus the recording. Plus, you can use your vRoom for as long as you’d like. It could be a wonderful way to encourage students to begin implementing Elluminate Sessions in their Moblogs. Anyone can sign up for their free vRoom by visiting

-Amber Koskela

5 02 2008
Ann Caryn Cleveland » M-Learning, an Introduction…

[…] Moblogs. Creating blogs on mobile devices. See how one professor in Australia does […]

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