Alex Hayes' Presentation on M-Learning

27 08 2007

I gotta share this, it is fantastic.

Alex Hayes, who’s been involved in promoting, leading, and innovating flexible and mobile learning for a number of years, has just posted up his retrospective on the last 2 years of mobile learning, which he will be presenting at the National TAFE Construction Conference, September 5-7 2007, hosted by my very own Canberra Institute of Technology.

Leigh Blackall describes Alex’s slideshow thus, and I must concur:

“It is a beautiful presentation, innovative in its creation, extensive, participatory, self explanatory‚Ķ … A celebration!”

Alex has put in a lot of work, gathering opinions from national and international teachers, mobile technologists, educational technologists, researchers and more. His experiences – and the other experiences shared in this slideshow – provide some great insights into where we’ve come from… and hint at where we’re heading to with m-learning.

Great work, Alex!

Alex Hayes via Learn Online

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