M-Learning: Create. Share. Interact.

24 08 2007

Check out this terrific video of Dr. Eliot Soloway, Professor and “Golden Apple” award recipient (Teacher of the Year) at University of Michigan, being interviewed on his vision of learning of the future. He thinks the cellphone will eventually revolutionalise learning, and his opinions on how this will happen align closely with my own.

“Mobile computing is what the students are doing anyhow… They’re doing it already outside of school – why not do that inside school?”

Soloway’s insights encompass all aspects of learning: not just using mobile devices as a method of delivering resources, but as a way for students to interact, share, and create new knowledge. It’s inspirational stuff, and not just because the message is right on-target, but because Soloway’s enthusiasm is infectious.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.podtech.net/player/podtech-player.swf?bc=6c41b555215a410f8c2a885208c82891&content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/08/PID_012261/Podtech_ElliottSoloway.flv&totalTime=1653000" width="320" height="269" wmode="transparent" /]

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24 08 2007
27 08 2007

This is terrific… thanks for sharing. I could really relate to Dr. Soloway’s message. I too believe that the hand-held devices can be used in dynamic or interactive or on-site learning. It’s also wonderful to hear other enthusiastic voices who can address the critics of technology in learning. I think the point he makes about educators mistrusting use of cellphones for cheating is key. Karl Kapp points out that cheating or using cheat-codes is a normal way of learning for some of the gamer generation. Perhaps we have to re-evaluate or define ‘what exactly is cheating’ and what types of cheating are acceptable and which situations are they acceptable in.

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