FREE Talking Mobile Phrase Books for Languages

5 07 2007 and Coolgorilla have made their talking phrasebooks FREE for a limited time (they used to cost £3 each).

These talking phrasebooks are great for learning languages “on the go”… the applications allow you to choose a phrase in English, and your mobile phone then “speaks” the phrase translated into whichever language you’ve selected.

Languages include French, Spanish, German, Portugese, and Greek… with topics including travel, accomodation, shopping and romance. 🙂

Use your Nokia or Sony Ericcson phone browser to go to to download the phrasebooks you want, directly to your phone.

(via Pocket Picks)

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3 responses

7 08 2007
Chris Fuller

This programme really is fantastic, I can’t recommend it highly enough both for teachers and travellers. I downloaded it a few months ago, and can’t wait for England’s schools to start (mmm, possibly scrub that one!!) so I can try it out.

However, beware. In the Spanish version (I haven’t tried out all the others) there are a few…interesting translations, so if you are planning on using it with a class (great for preparing and practising role-plays at home?), it’s worth making sure of the accuracy of the appropriate session.

Good luck!!

10 08 2007

Very useful.

11 08 2007
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