Paper Blogging – more ideas!

30 04 2007

Sue Rockwood at the “No Matter, There” blog has had a go at the paper blogging activity, adding her own ideas to the activity such as a “blog board” which makes for a colourful and interactive display.  Her own insights into why paper-based simulations serve as a useful tool in demonstrating and explaining technology concepts, and her own ideas (e.g. for a paper-based “safe chat” simulation), are worth reading, and it’s great to hear her feedback on how the activity went for her classes.

Great stuff, Sue!  If anyone else is interested in having a go at a paper based simulation of social software, you might like to read Sue’s posts for some great ideas.

(Image: AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Sue Rockwood, some rights reserved)

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30 04 2007

Leonard: Jaiku is a bit like paperblogging on the net… 😉
Maybe this is something you should look into if you already havent…

My user is paradox66

1 05 2007

Thank you for your kind comments! I love this exercise!

I extended this experience by having a pair of students (on the sly) post troll-like comments on their own blogs. When other students noticed them, I told them they were “troll” comments and had them research what trolls were and how to react to trolls.

We’re ignoring trolls and no longer allowing anonymous comments. 😉

1 05 2007

Great to see another example of the ‘paper blog’
I will be trying this exercise later this month and will blog my results also.

2 05 2007
eduFutureBlog» Blog Archive » Der Mehrwert von Web 2.0

[…] Bedarf es weiterer Worte? Dann schauen Sie bitte hier: Workshop Activity: Paper Blogs via Mobile Learning […]

10 05 2007
No Matter, There » Favorite Activities

[…] Welcome, by the way, to those people reading my blog from Mobile Learning or Point blog! It’s really neat that people have found their way here from those sites. I continue to be grateful and thankful for the peer network and feedback I have found at classroom2.0’s ning. I’ve been commiserating with my peers about the difficulty of writing curriculum for the moving target that is tech these days! I’ve found it helpful to think about how I have adapted things for my multiage groupings with a three year rotation. I’ve also found it heartening to think back about the best “performance pieces” we’ve done–because, by and large, even if the program names and the computer operating systems change, most of these pieces are STILL what I want my students to produce! […]

31 07 2007
Alexander Hayes

Nice one. I’ve used the idea many times myself alerted to it by Marg when I was at last year……

Cool concept – works well with new-to-the-fold.

Hope you too are well. can you ask Marg to give me a call when she gets a chance. Hows the Mlearning 07 conference shaping up ?

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