The "Mobile Learning” Gadget Giveaway!

17 03 2007

In a fortnight, the Mobile Learning blog (right here!) will be turning one year old! To celebrate, I’m giving away some free m-learning gear, and entry is open to anyone in the world (prizes include postage).

Up for grabs are five portable digital MP3/WMA player/recorders, each of which also includes FM radio and file storage (USB memory stick) capability. Using a built-in microphone, they record audio with noise reduction to compressed format, enabling them to hold up to 36 hours of recorded audio, and have a small LCD screen which can display embedded ID3 information (such as artist and track title) and even song lyrics (or the text of podcasts). Battery life is rated at approx. 10 hours of usage on a single AAA battery, and I’m including two batteries with each prize pack to get you started. iPod-style earbuds are also included in the prize pack, as well as a CD of drivers and software to use with your player.

Using a digital audio player exactly like this, you could create and deliver m-learning strategies such as these (jut for starters):

  • record an audio podcast, and make it available via your blog or iTunes
  • record a class or lecture, and make it available to your students via your organisation’s Online Learning System or web site
  • download and listen to a podcast
  • download an audio e-book or convert a CD e-book to mp3 and listen to it while you’re jogging, cooking, or just about anywere
  • tune in to an informatiove FM radio program; you could even record it for later review or for sharing with others who may be interested in the material
  • plug your player into a friend’s computer to give them a copy of any of your audio learning resources
  • copy other files to your player to transport between desktop PCs or to share with other learners
  • capture learner assessment, such as a client interview or an oral quiz, for later review by yourself or the learner

But hey, I won’t get offended or anything if you just want to use it to enjoy your music on the move. 🙂 Entry is open to anyone around the world. But to win one of these players, you’ll have to Get Social:

  1. You’ll need an account in a “social web” (Web 2.0) site such as a blog, wiki, Flickr account, or MySpace page (to mention but a few of the thousands of options!). Only entries created and hosted using a social web site will be considered for a prize
  2. Create an entry or a piece of content that links to your favourite post here in the Mobile Learning Blog, and say why it’s your favourite. There are now over 200 posts here to choose from! I will give extra credit to creative or innovative entries; and to mobile-capable entries (such as podcasts or mobile web pages).
  3. When you’ve finished your entry, add a comment to this competition page with a link or URL to your entry (so I can find it!).

That’s it! Entries close 6th April 2007, and I will choose and announce the winners the following week. Good luck, and have fun getting social! If this competition gets a good response, I’ll post more competitions like this in future.

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6 responses

17 03 2007
Carnival of the Edublogs » Edubloggers: Win an MP3 Player!

[…] Check out the Mobile Learning Blog for a chance to win a portable MP3 player.  You just have to create a post using a social web site that links to your favourite post on the Mobile Learning Blog, provide your reason for choosing it as your favourite, and add your comment to record where you’ve posted your entry. Listen to this podcast […]

19 03 2007
Jym Brittain

Congratulations on your first anniversary! I’ve been following your posts now for about a month. I agree with many of the concepts you’re advocating and have been spouting the same ideas now for awhile too. I hope to start a doctoral program this fall (awaiting word from the admissions committee) in which I hope to explore how mobile platforms can best be used as a delivery method for instruction via distance learning. I believe that effective mobile learning may bear as little semblance to current methods of distance learning as distance learning bears to traditional learning.

Now for the contest entry… my entry can be found at in a blog post titled, “Mobile Learning – He gets it!”

22 03 2007
Bruce Schalau


recently found your site and it’s great. Gotta work my way through the great idess that you’ve got here. It’s nice to find someone else who thinks that the mobiles are the way forward with teaching and learning. The paper blog is a neat idea, and I’m hoping that I can find a suitable way to adapt it to the classroom sometime soon.

My entry for the contest can be found at Mobile learning or in the more general link to the blogsite at under a post of hte same name.


25 03 2007
Sue Waters

Hi Leonard,

The Sue’s decided that the best way to wish you happy Birthday was to enter your competition – not because we wanted to win an mp3 player (that is Evil’s thoughts not mine), or because we are competitive (PS Watch out if we don’t win!) rather you are always supporting my sites so it is time to repay the favour.

Well done with your site, keep up the good work. After accessing and reviewing your blogs on different mobile devices we came back to the realisation that our favourite post on your site is the “Mobile Gadget Giveaway” because it forced us to test our ability to learn how to become more mobile (which is important because that is what my sites are all about – Mobile
technology in TAFE podcasts
Mobile Technology in TAFE wiki

You can find our entry for the competition at
podcast for competition

We both, the Sue’s, encourage everyone who visits Leonard’s Mobile Learning site to, please, enter this competition. Don’t think just because you are new to mobile technology or Web 2.0 that what you do or say won’t be good enough. The most important step for you to take is to get started, and if this competition is the encouragement to set up a blog, wiki, podcast etc then take it because you never know where it could lead you (just look at how far Leonard site has come in a year).

28 03 2007
Frances McLean

Hi Leonard
Congratulations on a great site and ‘Happy Birthday’
I am sure I will spend many hours wandering through all the articles on here, I have been coming back to have a look at the site over the past six months but then work always seems to get in the way, then back I come again. The great thing about all these blogs, wikis etc is the way everyone is so free with their information and willing to help each other.
Well Done
I have created my first wiki and placed my entry here for your competition
Your PDA

12 08 2008

real situation in Georgia
real situation in Georgia

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