Your PDA: a Remote Control for Media, Presentations

2 03 2007

A talented software developer has created a free, neat mobile application that effectively turns your Windows Mobile PDA into a wireless Bluetooth remote control for many Windows applications.

Using Jerome Laban’s Bluetooth Remote Control for Windows Mobile, you can control Powerpoint presentations, as well as popular Media players such as Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, PowerDVD and WinAmp, with more coming (such as Vista Media Centre).

The application also receives information about the file you’re controlling, such as the title of the previous, current, and next PowerPoint slides, or the artist, title and progress of an audio track.

Because this works using Bluetooth, you don’t need “line of sight” as you would with most other remote controls. This one will work through tables, chairs, lecterns and walls if you require. I’d envisage many lecturers, teachers, workshop leaders and even student presenters might find this little application quite handy.


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One response

2 03 2007
Tony Vincent

Salling Clicker is a great app for Mac or Windows that works with Palm, Windows Mobile, and many brands of mobile phones so you can control your computer through Bluetooth. It’s a cool application!

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