Flash M-Learning Developers… Our Time Has Come!

21 02 2007

Judy Breck at the Golden Swamp blog has drawn my attention to this page on the Adobe website, enabling developers of mobile content to make it available through various mobile phone network and service providers. For m-learning content developers, this is an opportunity to unleash your content for public consumption. As Judy states most insightfully:

Here is a call that should be answered by education if we expect to improve learning in our digital age. There is money to be made as well as ignorance to be diminished by selling mobile content for sciences, history, geography, technologies, literature and the 3 Rs.

Mobile phones imageI have one m-learning product concept I’ve been working on that I’m particularly keen to release, an immersive and engaging edu-game that has already proven successful on desktop PCs that could easily be adapted to a mobile environment. Now if I can just find some time to build it…

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One response

22 02 2007

We are also interested in developing m-learning content using Flash. At present we do have small m-learning content like an m-quiz book ( a mobile quiz on RFID) using a mobipocket creator. But Flash on mobile would be much more engaging I suppose.

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