Supporting Innovation in Education: Introducing The Book

15 02 2007

Many readers of this blog will be educational innovators and early adopters, who will, at times, have been required to communicate the concepts and workings of digital mobile devices and mobile learning methods to colleagues, clients, and students, and provide support to those taking up this technology for the first time.  Sounds like you?  Then you will love this video, in which the novel (no pun intended) invention of the “book” is demonstrated:

Introducing the book

[via Ewan McIntosh]

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2 responses

16 02 2007
Alex Hayes

Early adopters – erk – god I’m getting sick of the term arent you ? It’s a bit like ‘best practice’ or heaven forbid ‘imbedding innovation’. Very education speak and totally misunderstood by a thousand other sectors.

Much like languages, technologies and the weather….constantly changing and shifting.

It appears that you dropped off the M-Learning Standards project Leonard or are you busy rubbing noses in preparation for the Melbourne showcase ? You have a great blog and yes I reckon your podcasts are cool too.

Till we next mash ciphers. 🙂

18 02 2007
edgeek » Innovación Educativa: el libro

[…] Mobile Learning, otro de los blogs que leo a menudo, pone sobre la mesa este divertido video sobre una vieja innovación. Yo, al igual que algunos de los imagino existentes (por pereza de buscar algo que me diga quienes han entrado a este URI) lectores de este blog) nos hemos enfrentado a situaciones donde tenemos que mostrarle a algún amigo o familiar cómo hacer algo con el computador o solucionar un problema con él. El video es mitad serio mitad no tanto, pero invita a la reflexión sobre la vieja nueva innovación con la trabajamos más a menudo en tecnología eductiva: el computador personal. […]

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