YouTube is coming to 3G mobiles…

12 02 2007

…and with it, a chance to have instructional/educational video content, delivered on demand on mobile phones:


Only for demo purposes this video shows how the technology provided by Multimedia Mobile services is capable to enable any content or service provider to instantly delivering contents or services to any 3G enabled mobile phone. No additional software required like flash plug-in, etc. Perform the exact service provided on internet for computers on the cell phones. So simple, so cool! To be shown on 2007 3GSM. For more information go to

Yet to be officially launched, the (what else) YouTube video showing YouTube on a 3G mobile phone is accompanied by this message:

A cutting edge mobile technology will be introduced on 2007 Barcelona 3GSM Congress. It provides capability to take any internet service or content to be full experienced, without limitations on 3G mobiles… No extra software, just your mobile device. Simply AMAZING! Future starts monday 12 on 3GSM Congress.

See the video of YouTube for Mobiles in action here.

[via Darla Mack and Technoblabber]

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12 02 2007
YouTube is coming to 3G mobiles… - Web Directory

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