Digital Notepads – ordinary paper, handwriting recognition

9 02 2007

I bought an A4 digital notepad (from ALDI!) last year (for just
A$160), and it works very well indeed. It allows me to use normal A4
paper, store my notes on an SD card electronically as well as having a
paper backup. I’ve used it to draw directly into my PC, and it’s light
and inexpensive, a fraction of the cost of a Tablet PC (which I’ve seen
some people use for taking digital notes – hmmm, overkill, methinks).
When docked with a PC, I can even use it like a USB key/SD card reader,
to store or retrieve my own files on the external SD card.

Anyway, Genius have just released a new model of their digital notepads, the G-Note 7100. Digital notepads allow you to write on ordinary paper, but have your handwriting automatically recognised and converted into data later. Also, any diagrams you draw are faithfully reproduced as electronic copies and can be sent around as email, attached to discussion boards etc.

The tablets can also be used as a (non-pressure sensitive) digital tablet when attached to a PC, allowing direct handwriting input or hand drawing of diagrams using a pen, which is much easier and more accurate to wield than a mouse.

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10 02 2007
教育中文翻译 » OLDaily[中文版]-2007年2月9日

[…] 很酷。我想要一个。“数字记事本允许你在普通纸上书写,然后会把你的手写自动识别并转化成数字信息。另外,你画的任何图表,会被逼真地转换成电子版本,可作为email发送、或作为附件发送到讨论列表之中。”当人们想到移动运算时,他们通常会想到手机,但想想这个,在我的脑海中,它是更加实际的应用。而且,他们有一个优势是,不用和电话公司发生任何关系。Leonard Low, Mobile Learning February 9, 2007 [链接] [评论] […]

3 06 2007

I wanna to purchase one of this digital notepads. I m placed in Hyderabad, India. Where can I get this digital notepad. Pl let me know.


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