Mobile Devices Enable Augmented Reality in Education

7 02 2007

Judy Breck at the Golden Swamp blog has reported an alien invasion!

alien game

According to eSchool News,

“Researchers from Harvard, MIT, and the University of Wisconsin have developed a project that uses “augmented reality” to teach math and literacy skills. The project involves teams of students gathering data on handheld computers to explain why aliens have landed, and in the process students “interview” virtual characters they encounter at certain GPS hot spots. The researchers say the project holds great potential for engaging students and teaching high-level skills.“.

Learning was never so fun when I was young. 🙂  This project makes use of one of m-learning’s most relevant strengths, by facilitating situated learning: students use their PDAs to access learning materials that are directly contextualised by their physical location.

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One response

1 11 2007
Flexible houses

The more i read about new learning methods the more i want to learn.
When the process is so interesting the information we get is better understood and memorized.

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