Keitai: Mobile Learning at BETT

7 02 2007

Stephanie Rieger – who’s spent many years involved with Canadian education, and has a well-established interest in mobile technologies – has just posted a fantastic round-up of her experiences at BETT, the Educational Technology Show in London (which claims to be the world’s largest education information & communications technology event in the world).

She’s got hands-on reviews of some of the mobile learning products exhibited there, such as the CTAD M-Learning Author for Pocket PC and the Educational Digital Assistant (a PDA developed in consultation with educators at the Handheld Learning), her encounters with representatives from some of the great m-learning projects happening around the world such as Learning2Go and FutureLab, and recommendations on a number of publications:

“I picked up some useful publications at the Learning and Skills Network booth including “Learning with mobile devices : research and development – a book of papers“, “Mobile technologies and learning: A technology update and m-learning project summary” and several series of papers from the MLearn series of conferences. On a related topic, they also had copies of “The use of computer and video games for learning – a review of the literature” which includes some mobile specific research as well as “Computer Games and Simulations for Adult Learning” (Burkbeck University of London) which I can’t seem to find an online version of but includes a great case study of the BBC’s very successful Skillswise series.”

It’s well worth reading through her experiences in their entirety, here. Thanks for sharing with us, Stephanie!

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