More Mobile Learning Events

1 02 2007

In addition to the MLearn conference (16-19 October 2007), there are a couple of other mobile learning events to look forward to for my European counterparts (though sadly, I don’t yet have the cash to join you for these ones).

150sm.jpgAmbient Performance’s Seriously Mobile Summit is set for April the 20th, at Reuters in Canary Wharf (in the London borough of Tower Hamlets). Last year’s attending luminaries included Charles Jennings, Gordon Bull, Fabrizio Cardinali, Donald Clark,Wolfram Spoenlien, Jonathan Levy, Gilly Salmon, Stephen Clee, WilliamWard, and Dick Davies, with an archive of recordings from the summit made available here. I should also add that Ron Edwards, Managing Director of Ambient Performance (a consulting company specialising in mobile learning solutions) was a greatly valued contributor to one of our Australian online forums for flexible learning in August last year.

Also for European educators, Handheld Learning reports that the IADIS international conference on mobile learning will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from 5-7 July 2007, as part of the IADIS Multi-Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems. Keynotes will include Professor Martin Owen (Futurelab, United Kingdom), Professor ElliotSoloway, Arthur F. Thurnau (Professor, University of Michigan, USA)Professor Cathie Norris,(University of North Texas in Denton, USA). It builds on the Kaleidoscope Big Issues in Mobile Learning workshop and report from 2006 (reported by Mike Sharples).

Both look like they will be excellent events, and I’m crushed that my department’s unlikely to ever receive enough funding to get me halfway to Europe to converse with the world’s best mobile learning practitioners and researchers. *sigh* Is it worth my while passing around a hat? :))

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