MLearn 2007, Melbourne: Call for Papers

31 01 2007

Very exciting!  The international conference on mobile learning, MLearn, is to be hosted here in Australia between 16-19 October 2007, in Melbourne (my favourite city in Australia even though I live in Canberra):

This conference will appeal to a wide range of audiences who are interested in enhancing learning, designing content and developing systems for mobile devices and wireless networks. The following objectives serve to define and guide the structure and foundation of the MLearn 2007 Conference.

  • To promote the development of mobile learning
  • To stimulate critical debate on & research into theories, approaches, principles & applications of mobile learning
  • To share local & international developments, experiences & lessons learned.
  • To promote networking & business opportunity development.
  • To encourage the study & implementation of mobile applications in teaching & learning.
  • To stimulate & assist personal professional development &  the development of new skills for educators.
  • To provide a forum for education & knowledge transfer.
  • To facilitate dialogue, sharing & networking between diverse cultures with regard to the optimum use of emerging technologies.
  • To bring together providers of technology & services with educators and instructional designers.

The conference has now issued a call for papers, which can be submitted electronically via the conference website.  I hope to see many of you there!

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31 01 2007
1 02 2007
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