Google Maps goes Mobile

25 01 2007

Have you found yourself recently

  • hopelessly lost on a random street corner?
  • drooling over Steve Jobs’ demonstration of Google Maps on the Apple iPhone?
  • Wishing you could use navigable, interactive maps as part of a mobile learning activity for your students, without having to dish out for GPS handsets?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above (or, in my case, all three), you will be overjoyed to know that Google Maps is now available for mobile phones (other than the Applie iPhone), smartphones, and PDAs via a simple, free download and install.

With the same zoomable, annotated maps, integrated search, route planning tools, and photo views found in the desktop version of Google Maps, this mobile application puts the world at your fingertips. Download it by opening your phone’s mobile browser and heading to, or find more information on this web page.

And if you’re not sure whether it’s worth the download, you can even try out the mobile version of Google Maps on this demo page, which works exactly like the real thing.

UPDATE: Google Maps for Mobiles does indeed work in Australia – as reported in this article from The Age!

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3 responses

25 01 2007
vabateemaline :: Google Maps mobiilile :: January :: 2007

[…] Mobile Learning vahendab uudist, mis mobiilifriikidel jälle kõrvu liigutab: tuntud kaardiprogramm Google Maps on nüüdsest saadaval ka tavamobiilidele. […]

29 01 2007
Neotenous tech » Blog Archive » Google maps to go

[…] Exciting news in Leonard Low’s Mobile Learning audio blog about Google making their maps service available to all mobile phones and PDAs. If you travel, are new to a city/town/suburb, are teaching newcomers how to find their way around or are hopelessly lost after listening to directions from well-meaning locals — this is worth a look. […]

27 02 2007
Mobile Learning » iPoint - a flexible solution for situated learning

[…] Unlike other map services like Google Maps for Mobiles or Smart2Go, iPoint allows you to upload your own maps – which means it can not only be used for outdoor, public settings, but could also be used to mark up the interior plan of a museum or gallery, or even a fictitious or hard-to-reach location (e.g. the surface of the Moon, or the Starship Enterprise). […]

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