Voice-to-Text Service for Mobile Phones

22 01 2007

I’ve just found a site called SpinVox, which allows you to call a number on your mobile (or any phone), leave a message, and have it automatically converted into any text format – SMS, email, or even a blog post. The blogging service, Speak-A-Blog, works like this:

Simply call your Speak-a-BlogTM number and speak your post. SpinVox converts it to text and posts the entry live to your blog, within minutes.

Sounds like a fast and simple way for learners to make journal entries on the go – particularly if their work or study environment doesn’t favour taking the time to laboriously compose an email or message using a mobile phone number pad. 

SpinVox is a bit like the opposite of the Talkr text-to-speech service I use on all of my blog entries to convert my typed blog entries into a spoken, downloadable form that many people find more convenient for accessing as a podcast or audio file for listening on their iPod, mobile phone or PDA.  Using audio as a data interface while on the move can be more flexible and easy-to-manage than typing on a small keypad, or reading off a small screen; Talkr and SpinVox are two services which have recognised this with their services.

In addition to processing blog entries, SpinVox can also convert spoken messages to emails or SMS messages, and can convert other peoples’ Voicemail messages to you into text and send them to you in that form. SpinVox is based in the UK, but available internationally, and working with service providers here in Australia and around the world, so we can expect to hear more about them soon all over the world… or should I say, read more?

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31 01 2007
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7 03 2007

..Rather helpful information you have here. Grazie!

25 10 2008
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