DIY Streaming Mobile Video

15 01 2007

Australian IT and security company Swann has just released an innovative new product that merges their specialisations in security and IT – enabling users to create their own streaming video channels for mobile phones, direct from a webcam.

The SW241-MVK Mobile Video Kit (which I bought on the weekend to try out) is able to stream video that can be viewed in a web browser or on a mobile phone – all 3G, and many 2G, phones are supported.  The software can even alert you using sms, mms, email, or voice alerts on your handset if the camera detects motion or movement, and commands can be sent to the camera from the mobile phone to stop or start recording, for example.

In terms of mobile learning, I can see a number of applications, both present and future.  For example, this product would make it simple to become a participant in any real-life situation, using a mobile phone, including a lecture, a demonstration, or a meeting.  Alternatively, short, recorded “chunks” of learning content could be archived and indexed for remote, mobile, anytime/anywhere access, enabling just-in-time, situated and contextualised learning experienced facilitated by remote digital mobility.

A very cool product from a true Aussie innovator!

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