Mobile and Wireless Technologies: Security and Risk

8 01 2007

A report funded by the Australian High Tech Crime Centre details the security issues and risk factors associated with mobile and wireless technologies. The report provides a background of mobile technologies, including the behavioural aspects of digital mobile devices and their inherent benefits, and goes on to discuss the major forms of attack that may be employed by undesirable outsiders. Here’s an extract from the abstract:

Today, many of us use mobile access to the internet to communicate in real time across the globe, to access business and government services online, to shop, view, read, search, explore and even simulate physical activities. Internet access no longer depends on a wired system such as a modem connected to a telephone landline – rather, it can be achieved using a mobile enabled device whenever and wherever a mobile access point is available. Such access points or hot spots are now widely available in airports, hotels, educational institutions and other public buildings. Increasing numbers of wireless networks are being installed in commercial buildings and private homes. With increasing mobile access to wireless networks, the demarcation between public and private space is being redefined. This has important implications in terms of security for those who make a mobile access point available and for those who use it.

There’s no surprises in the report for those of us who’ve been “on the scene” for a number of years; but this report would be helpful to educators and support professionals who are required to write up risk management plans in order to implement mobile learning approaches in their institutions, or who need to think about these issues when implementing supporting systems.

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(via the Consumers’ Telecommunications Network Webnews Edition #135 [email])

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