M-Learning and LMSes

8 12 2006

Chirmside Derek at the Light in the Shadows blog recently reflected on mobile learning:

I’m interested in the open source options that allow you to text or pxt into your personal space.

Sakai is just one open source Learning Environment type product I have heard that has mobile connection for students: SMS (Texting) to and MMS (picture from cell phone) to a personal learning space. I’d be interested in anybody who has used this.

If this functionality in Sakai is indeed present, it’s an excellent innovation, and more interesting to me than the (still useful) Moodle for Mobiles extension, which allows mobile quizzes to be delivered to learners’ mobile phones.

I’m impressed that both of these Open Source initiatives already demonstrably exceed the innovation shown by any of the major commercial LMSes in the support of mobile learning. Blackboard’s support of “mobile learning” through its Backpack add-on is just a way to package content for off-line use on laptops, rather than engaging with the pedagogy of m-learning at all, while WebCT has no m-learning capability at all.

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