Mobile Learning goes retro

5 12 2006

Here’s a cool idea that may be too late for most people to use as a gift before Christmas, but could also have some applications in education.  Remember flick books?  Those little books you flicked through to re-create an animated sequence?

Well, FlipClips is a service that can convert your short movie clips into full colour flick books.  There’s a range of sizes, with the “greeting card” size (4.25″w x 3.25″h x 50 pages) currently going for just US$6.99 each (although shipping internationally makes these considerably more expensive for those of us outside the USA… 😦 )

Apart from the sheer coolness of the concept, I suppose this idea could be used as a mobile learning resource – a means of providing a short burst of video or animation when and where it’s needed – without a media player (or even a power source)!

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2 01 2008

Flippies custom flip books are another great option for flipbooks

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