PortableApps Suite: Take your tools anywhere

2 12 2006

PortableApps Menu ScreenshotI previously blogged on the emergence of the Portable Apps movement, reported in a major Australian IT magazine. Portable Apps are fully-featured programs that are installed onto a USB memory stick, enabling their use on any computer, and leaving no personal data or files behind.

Now, portable apps have been assembled and integrated into a free of cost, adware & spyware-free suite. A number of standard configurations have been made available for quick download and deployment, or there are dozens of additional apps that can be “installed” into the suite, taking advantage of integration via a customised portable apps menu system (illustrated right) and autorun feature.

Some of the most useful apps include the complete OpenOffice suite, browser, email, chat, instant messaging, RSS reader, WYSIWYG web page editor, image editor, audio editor, media player, file compression utility, antivirus, web server with application logic & database, and even Sudoku.

If you or your students need to work on a number of different computers, having all your apps in a portable form such as this could be very convenient indeed.

(via Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day)

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7 02 2007

There is only so much one can do about others in life. But he’s not that good. Regardless of 1 superbowl win.

7 02 2007
Mobile Learning » French Students get USB Pen Drive with Open Source Software

[…] With the Portable Apps movement maturing and providing some seriously cool tools, these USB sticks loaded with software will certainly help these lucky pupils in their studies. “The sticks will probably contain the Firefox 2 Web browser, Thunderbird e-mail client, an office productivity suite such as OpenOffice.org 2, an audio and video player, and software for instant messaging. [However,] the exact mix of software will be defined by the company that wins the contract to supply the sticks, but will be open source, [a spokesman] said.” […]

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