iTube: Get YouTube videos for your iPod/PDA

29 11 2006’s lots of really great YouTube videos specifically created with instructional delivery in mind; and an even greater number of other YouTube videos that can be used to stimulate discussion or debate, provide expert opinions on various issues, or simply engage learners.

However, YouTube videos are encoded in the highly efficient, but poorly cross-platform-compatible, Flash Video (FLV) video container. Even if you manage to download a YouTube video, you need a special FLV player to play it, or you need to manually convert it to another codec to play it in standard computer-based or portable media players.

Now there’s a better way to access YouTube videos for teaching and learning, to deliver them via computer or mobile digital devices. iTube runs on your PC to automatically download and convert YouTube videos to MPEG format, which can play on all PCs, and/or MP4 format, which plays on iPods (and many mobile phones). It’s 100% free and contains no spyware or adware. The free version only works with YouTube, but there are also plugins available for other major video download sites, including, Google Video, and MySpace.

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2 12 2006
e-Learning Blog


Die Anwendung iTube ermöglicht es sehr einfach für Windows Betriebssyteme, Videos von YouTube in ein iPod fähiges Format zu bringen.
Man gibt einfach die jeweilige URL an, danach wird das Video konvertiert und in iTunes eingefügt. Vorallem in Hinbl…

2 12 2006
Mobile Learning » Top 10 Freeware Apps for M-Learning

[…] iTube video downloader for iPods/PDAs/mobile phones: iTube videos range considerably in educational video, but it is still a superb resource of video content.  Unfortunately, the Flash Video format used to package UTube videos isn’t really playable on anything, particularly not mobile devices.  iTube allows users to download YouTube videos in MPEG and MP4 formats – the formet of which plays on most PDAs, and the latter of which plays on iPods and many mobile phones.  Playability of video content on PDAs is considerably assisted by the following application. (previous blog post) […]

4 09 2007

cool …

4 09 2007

hanep galing

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