Mobile Learning Redefined

26 11 2006

Steve Dembo, author of has posted up a super video presentation entitled “Mobile Learning Redefined“. His “redefinition” centres around using the technology already in the pockets of students, rather than the introduction of “new” technologies. He covers a number of approaches already covered in this blog (such as 2D Barcodes, mobile web site tools, and moblogging), but also brings up a few new ideas worth exploring, such as:

  • QuizFaberQuizFaber creates multiple-choice quizzes for the mobile web
  • Flickr – features a mobile version of Flickr.
  • allows you to remotely access your bookmarks, and mona allows you to remotely save bookmarks
  • Remote allows you to call a phone number to leave a message, which is instantly published as a podcast.

Check out the video here (warning: large file, 43MB).

“Mobile Learning Redefined”

(via Learning in Hand)

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28 11 2006

Interesting video and a nice list of “new ideas”. I would include in it the MobilED platform (open source software), which makes it possible to use online media databases (such as Wikis) from your mobile phone. If you have smart phone you can use multimedia with the server. More information:

28 11 2006
Mobile Learning Redefined « Ubiquitous Thoughts

[…] I finally am getting caught up with my RSS feeds and ran across Steve Dembo’s presentation for the k12online conference entitled “Mobile Learning Redefined”. The presentation is a great list of resources for mobile learning, as summarized in Tony Vincent’s and Leonard Low’s blog posts on the presentation. No need to relist what Tony and Leonard already wrote about, but suffice it to say that Steve focused on various Internet-based resources and tools that can be accessed via cell phone or wireless gaming devices such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS (as an aside, Geoff writes in his moblearn blog that there is a need for “more PSP learning please!” […]

28 11 2006
Mobile Learning » Mobile Learning Reexamined

[…] Following on from Steve Dembo’s presentation on redefining mobile learning (previously blogged here, and also blogged by Tony Vincent), some excellent and insightful commentary has been posted, over at the Mark van ‘t Hooft’s Ubiquitous Thoughts blog.  It looks at some of the obstacles any “redefined” model of mobile learning must still overcome (access, compatibility, privacy/security), and also succinctly summarises some of the writings of Mike Sharples, one of the best-known researchers in the mobile learning space. It includes this summary of Mike’s reflections on the MOBIlearn project: […]

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