Thank Yous

16 11 2006

On Tuesday, I received a CIT Staff Achievement Award for my work on mobile learning. Thank you to my colleagues for their support of my work, and in particular, Margaret O’Connell, our inspirational educational designer, who collaborated with me on a number of projects this year. Much of my thinking in terms of the pedagogical side of m-learning has been guided by Marg’s ideas and expertise, which you can read more about on her Ed-Design blog.

Also, my boss, John Smith, who turned 50 on the weekend. Happy birthday John, and thanks for giving our team the space, time, and support we need for innovation!

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3 responses

16 11 2006

Congratulations Len – for a well-earned and well-deserved award for your efforts this year!

It’s great to see that in these uncertain times that others (our leaders in fact) are willing to champion innovation.

Let’s hope it continues! 😉

16 11 2006
Peter LeCornu

Congratulations Leonard. This is well deserved.. you have made a great contribution within and outside of CIT.

20 11 2006
Leonard Low

Thanks Marg and Peter – I was surprised and thrilled to be recognised for something I enjoy working on, every day…

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