Party Time! Carnival Of The Mobilists #51

1 11 2006

Carnival Of The Mobilists

One of the main ways that I keep up to date with the latest ideas and developments in the field is through active engagement with other practitioners via Web 2.0/social software, and in particular, the “blogosphere”. I maintain an online RSS aggregator account in Google Reader which enables me to check the latest news on mobile learning, flexible learning, educational technology and mobile technology in general, on a daily basis. One of my main sources of information in mobile technology is an ongoing, online event called “The Carnival of the Mobilists“. Like a travelling show, it features a different host blog each week, where the week’s best blog posts on digital mobility, submitted by participants, are manually collated and compiled into a weekly collection.

Last week, the Carnival celebrated its first birthday, and this week (#51) I contributed my first entry to the Carnival. There are some restrictions on content – most notably, the overall theme of participating blogs should be related to an aspect of digital mobility. That said, there are a number of very active and experienced mobile learning specialists already contributing to the Carnival, and it still makes interesting reading for other educators who are less immersed in this particular facet of teaching and learning.

For an education professional with an interest in social software and m-learning, the Carnival of Mobilists represents a valuable part of my community – and demonstration – of practice. Having a different host each week is an opportunity to visit blogs I might not otherwise have noticed, and gets a different slant on each week’s latest contributions. In fact, it’s such a good idea, perhaps there are some edubloggers out there interested in starting a “Carnival of the Edubloggers“? I’ll put my hand up… 🙂

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One response

14 11 2006
Stephanie Rieger

Any other hands up yet for the edublogger carnival? I’ll raise mine, but am I an edublogger? 😦 LOL

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