Cheap and Easy M-Learning Ideas

3 10 2006

From M-Learning World, in the footsteps of my previous post on “Why M-Learning is Cheap“, a series of posts on cheap and easy m-learning:

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3 responses

3 10 2006
Matthew Nehrling

Thanks for the link.. The mLearning portal on Zimbio is actually a wiki format so feel free to post any of your articles and link back to your blog.

My original article and other how-to’s are found on:

Your blog is one of the best mLearning blogs I’ve seen.. Good job!

3 10 2006
Leonard Low

Thanks Matthew – I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog too, keep up the good work. 😉 I’ve changed the links to refer back to your original blog. 🙂

5 10 2006
Doug Belshaw


Thanks for the link. I have to take issue with:

…who regularly blogs on the use of mobile technology in primary school classrooms

A little misleading! 😉

Thanks for the heads-up on QR codes though, and keep up the good work here! 😀

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