ACT Board of Studies Workshop on M-Learning: M-Learning with Mobiles

29 09 2006

Some videos from our workshop on m-learning using mobile phones in February this year. The game, designed and run by myself, Margaret O’Connell, and Stephan Schmidt, immersed participants in the m-learning experience using an interactive treasure hunt game. Participants had to find resources on m-learning and try out m-learning activities for themselves – such as gathering photos, audio and video, and communicating with other “teams” to increase their team points and resources.

The idea of using teams was to get participants talking about the various activities in their small groups, as well as ensuring all teams had access to a minimal level of digital mobile tools (e.g. camera phone). Teams were coordinated using, a web-based SMS service. A fun time was had by all!

Incidentally, I’ve posted these videos using – which can publish uploaded video files in a number of different file formats, including mp4… which is a much better format for mobile devices than the Flash Video (flv) format used by Google Video and YouTube.

Other workshops held on the day included creating and publishing podcasts (with Colin Simpson and Rebecca Trynes), GPS-based m-learning, and Powerpoint for PDAs (with Marcus Ragus).

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