Total Control! Mwahaha…

18 09 2006

I don’t usually blog commercial mobile applications, but this one stands out from the usual offerings. Clicker is a neat application for most mobile platforms – PDAs, mobile phones and converged devices – that allow you to control many applications on your desktop PC using the wireless capabilities of your mobile device.

For example, the software allows you to wirelessly control a PowerPoint presentation using your cellphone or PDA, so you can free yourself from the lectern; or use your PC as a jukebox, with your mobile phone or PDA working as a “remote”. It supports iTunes and Windows Media Player out of the box, and is apparently extensible using JScript or VBScript.

As it works with both Bluetooth and Wireless LAN, it has the potential to be used on the widest range of mobile wireless devices.

(via Mobile Musings)

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