Firefox Extensions for Mobile Learning

11 09 2006

Following my discovery of the Mobile Barcode extension for Firefox, I’ve had a bit of a rummage around for other extensions for the fantastic Firefox browser that support mobile learning.

  • MoblogUK Extra: Adds a search to the front page, inline tag prompts and auto linking to moblogUK.
  • XHTML Mobile Profile: allows your Firefox browser to view WAP webpages designed for mobile phones (MIME-type vnd.wap.xhtml+xml). Useful for mobile content developers. Another extension, WML browser, would also be useful for this purpose.
  • Small Screen Renderer: “Turn your Firefox into a cellphone browser. It adds a new menu entry ‘Small Screen Rendering’ under the View menu. Just select it to have the page you are currently browsing redisplayed in a cellphone style.”
  • Unplug and/or VideoDownloader: Allow you to save embedded videos from YouTube, etc, to your computer for later viewing. DownloadHelper has similar video downloading functionality, as well as built-in image downloading support.
  • TinyURL Creator: Creates a short URL for a web page from within the browser, so that it can be more easily input into a mobile device – similar to WAPUrl.
  • GMiF (Google Maps in Flickr): enables mapping of geotagged (location specified) images in Flickr, using Google Maps. GeoURL is another extension that can be used to locate web pages relating to a geographical location – useful for developing location-based m-learning.
  • Podcast Search Toolbar: Searches over 10,000 podcasts, and has an integrated internet radio feature to listen to audio online.
  • Pix2Fone: Allows you to save any web image or mp3 sound file for later retrieval via WAP on your mobile phone, in a mobile-optimised format.

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One response

12 09 2006

Some of these are brilliant. I can’t believe I didn’t know about them. Thanks!!

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