Moodle on a Nokia 770

5 09 2006

Nokia produce a Debian Linux-powered, portable, wireless internet browser, the Nokia 770. Here’s a picture of it running’s login screen, from Martin Langhoff at the Moodle discussion board (at right).

Unfortunately, the content appears to slightly exceed the maximum width of the browser… but it’s still not too bad. 🙂

I’m also aware that Moodle has a “Moodle for Mobiles” module that can be used to deliver interactive quizzes and surveys to CHTML-capable mobile phones (which, according to the documentation, is 98% of Japanese mobile phones – not sure about Australian stats). David Delago notes on this page that the Moodle for Mobiles module should *not* be accessed with a WAP browser, but a proper internet browser, to enable you to mobile-ly connect to Moodle while you’re in a pub having a beer. 🙂

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