Caryl Oliver on m-learning

5 09 2006

Robyn Jay has made available some of the audio from an August 3 m-learning workshop by Caryl Oliver, manager of the Mobile Learning Project at William Angliss Institute of TAFE in Victoria. Caryl’s session is available in 4 episodes, including

Thank you Caryl and Robyn for making this available to other m-learning educators!

Caryl has also been previously interviewed for the Knowledge Tree, speaking on the topic of E-business and mobile learning. She provides a number of insights in that interview, including one of the issues I will probably face in engaging industry bodies with my national m-learning standards project:

Caryl: One of the interesting things that came up out of the international m-learning conference, just recently, was the comment by a lot of people that the manufacturers of equipment and the service providers, the telco’s and people like that, have not yet come on board with mobile learning and learning using these devices. And one of the reasons is that they haven’t seen the potential income stream, just in volume of traffic and so that’s a challenge that goes out to them. And until they do, we won’t see things. A lot of plans, a lot of equipment is set up for business, and when we want to use it for education, we have to adapt and adopt it.

Jo: And so you can see that suppliers of technologies and suppliers of the communications network and businesses and learning organizations and training organizations should all be doing that together with the industry bodies.

Caryl: Absolutely. And the first ones that realize that will actually find that they are in a very, very lucrative area.

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