Report on 2D Barcode usage – with user stories!

4 09 2006

From the Mobile Life Blog, news of a report on the PrintAccess project – looking at “hybrid solutions of the print and electronic media using printed codes“.

“The results showed that the code based integration between the camera
phone and printed media are technologically mature and there are
opportunities for commercial applications.”

Of further interest to educators will be the user stories – case studies of the use of 2D Barcodes in real-life scenarios:

“The following user stories were written:

  1. Access an URL with static content
  2. Question of the day -kind of poll
  3. Save a business card
  4. Electronic clip book
  5. Translated articles
  6. Access to additional video information
  7. Added-value services only available with the printed code (e.g. player information during the hockey game)
  8. Shopping list application
  9. Shopping list web service
  10. View new video / song of an artist, or get a ring tone / logo for your mobile phone
  11. Subscribe to an advertising information about a product (example: soccer club merchandising)
  12. Buy the product
  13. Save event information
  14. Vote on a TV programme
  15. Sponsored TV programme
  16. More information or a trailer of a movie
  17. Record a TV program
  18. View TV News
  19. Print2Audio”

As I’ve previously blogged, many of these user stories can be translated directly into engaging and interactive learning activities.  Practical use of 2D barcodes in education could become even more feasible if mobile phone operators seized this chance and incoporated 2D barcode readers in all camera phone handsets.

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22 08 2007

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