Mobile Podcasting

1 09 2006

As the Mobile Life Blog points out, “it’s obvious this would arrive one day” – media, direct to your mobile phone.

Mobipod is a UK-based service that promises to deliver “some of the top UK podcasts … straight to your mobile phone as soon as they are released”. Registration is free (for the time being at least), but Mobipod admit in fine print that download charges apply. The Mobile Life Blog comments bemusedly:

I only ask myself, if I would want to transmit such large files over GPRS. Without a flat rate, this can mean quite a big sum of money.

Wouldn’t a simple mobile blog with short audio intros (100KB), without downloading 30 to 40 minute podcasts right away, be more useful? And why not use QR Codes, like in QR Clip?

It’s still an interesting concept, however – rich media content, straight to your mobile device, as soon as it’s available… well worth keeping an eye on!

In a related segue between Web 2.0 and mobile learning, a recent article on education in the health industry highlights potential benefits to adopting Web 2.0 and mobile learning approaches for health professionals:

Although podcasts are not interactive in the same way as wikis and blogs, mobile learning through audio is showing some promise, said the researchers. The paper noted that downloadable, scheduled audio was already being used by many medical schools and journals, such as New York University and the New England Journal of Medicine.

“Students are now more mobile than ever, and often find themselves multi-tasking, working in part-time jobs, or located some distance from a parent institution on professional practice placement,” said the study.

“A similar situation is faced by clinicians in remote and rural areas, who often lack training and proper academic support because of their geographic isolation from the large central hospitals and academics centres of excellence in the main cities.”

The study cited in the article is available here for interested educators or industry professionals.

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