Language practice using mobile phones

1 09 2006

Ewan McIntosh highlights a post by Lynne from Tobermoryhs, where she relates

“how her students have been practicing French speaking skills on their mobile phones, including a great game – how long can you spend speaking on the phone… in the foreign language”.

Her students have also been recording their conversations using mp3 players as well as the mobile phones.

In another post, Lynne bemoans how every single mobile device seems to require a different charger.  Quite right, Lynne… how much more mobile we’d be if not for all the various cables and peripherals we need to keep the device all happily powered!

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One response

4 09 2006
Joe Dale

Hi Leonard,

I thought you’d like to know that I’ve just written a post about the potential of using mobile phones in education based on Lynne’s post and one from David Muir. Here is the link:

Best wishes


Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom –

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