Nimbuzz: Connecting Mobile and Web users for free?

23 08 2006

Mobilecrunch, a blog on “Mobile 2.0” connective technologies, reports a new product that promises to connect the global community of 1.1 billion Internet users with 2.2 billion mobile communication device users, in real time (synchronously), for “free”:

I’ve had the good fortune to have been given access to Nimbuzz for
the last few weeks. My testing has convinced me that once widely
deployed, this application has the potential to shake mobile
communication service providers to their very core…

The application supports voice, presence and messaging and it does
so between mobile devices, PC’s, and mobile to PC or PC to mobile.
What’s more, these features are available to both individuals and to
groups and there’s multimedia support so that in addition to voice and
text, photographs can also be shared.

Using Nimbuzz you can participate in group and/or individual chats,
send SMS messages anywhere in the world for 10 cents, leave or retreive
a message, or call a friend anywhere in the world while only paying for
a local call (with INCREDIBLE SOUND QUALITY, I might add). The Nimbuzz
client supports access to many major instant messaging communities like
MSN and has the ability to let you send a “Buzz” which allows you to
alert offline buddies to go online.

Group messaging and conference calling are all supported and again, the cost is only that of a local call…

This is very exciting news indeed, and brings my vision for a connected web and mobile learning environment a step closer to reality. I’ve downloaded a copy of Nimbuzz to my mobile phone – installation was very easy – but at present I lack people to try it out with (though the automated helpbot account that comes with the installation is both helpful and witty).

I’ve tried connecting with my Google Talk account (above) and it works beautifully, so I’m very optimistic… but if you’d like to try out Nimbuzz with me, download the software (for Windows or most Mobiles) and contact me with your Nimbuzz account name! Or feel free to call or message me – my Nimbuzz account name is (very imaginatively, I know) “leonardlow”. 🙂

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4 responses

23 08 2006
albert alfred

There are numerous web 2.0 applications erupting in today’s world. I would not be surprised to know that more than 50% of the market has been taken by free services. They are professional, they come up with practical ideas and more importantly, they are dynamic and diversified.
Recently, I came across to a free online phone backup service called They cater to every mobile user who is concerned to secure and manage phone data. They offer a very basic requirement of every user i.e. phone data backup with additional feature of online management and sharing.
I love the idea of Nimbuzz. I havent tried it yet but im sure it would be as good as zyb.

24 08 2006
Alex Hayes

Nice one ! Will try loading it while I’m in Orange and will give you a Buzz…..failing that I’ll send an SMS 🙂

28 08 2006
graham warren

just a quick tech question: i use the same theme as you but can’t figure out how to add technorati tags. can you point me in the right direction? thanks.

29 08 2006

I added you (leonardlow) to my contact list, but you’re never online!? 🙂

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